My name is Olivia Öjeskär and I am currently studying my fourth year at School of Business Economics and Law in Gothenburg, Sweden. After receiving my bachelor’s degree in economics with a major in logistics, I chose a master’s in management that heightened my interest towards the management consulting profession. I applied to HandelsConsulting in the autumn of 2019 and began my career there as a consultant before taking on the role as a Business Area Manager.

Before we dive into what I have learnt at HandelsConsulting I would like to introduce myself a little bit more. During my free time I spend as much time as possible at my summer place in Fjällbacka. It is there that I get to take long walks and really appreciate the beautiful scenery of Sweden’s west coast and spend time with family and friends. In Fjällbacka I also enjoy playing golf and really perfecting my skills. Due to COVID-19 and since HandelsConsulting is working fully remote I have been able to plan my time and play as much golf as possible.



As a Business Area Manager, I am responsible for three things: book meetings with companies to build and maintain relationships, lead and coach the consultants in my team, and work with business development within the management team. As a part of building relationships with our customers I go to many meetings with the business community which is an incredibly aspect of the job that is not only educational but incredibly challenging and fun!

My role does not only allow for meetings with high-ranking professional at large companies so early in my career, but has also taught me how to lead meetings, write proposals and help companies to reach their goals. Being a part of the team at HandelsConsulting has bridged the gap between academia and the business world since I have met so many different companies and professionals with interesting roles that I would never have met in some other context.

I would recommend anyone who goes to the School of Business and Law in Gothenburg, Sweden to apply to HandelsConsulting! Regardless the role you have in the company you develop both professionally and personally. You also have access to opportunities that are not available to same extent at other companies so early in your career. You can early on learn how to take responsibility and therefore grow.

Because of my time at HandelsConsulting I feel ready to face my future job as soon as I have completed my masters. Simply put, I am super excited to continue my career.


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