My name is Josefine Dahlöf and I grew up in Kullavik a few kilometres south of Gothenburg. After high school I decided to take a year in London to not only perfect my English but also to take an opportunity to experience something new. I love to travel and my favourite time to travel is during the colder seasons of the year. Since I have skied for as long as I can remember it is an activity I love to involve in my vacations. On one hand it is a challenging sport in which I get to active myself, but on the other hand it is also so calming being on the slopes surrounded by natures white dust.

When I returned home to Sweden from my year in London, I began studying single subject courses for my bachelor’s degree in business and economics at the University of Gothenburg School of Business, Economics and Law. Choosing a bachelor’s in economics was a given for me. I have always had an interest in business as my parents are business owner and have always involved me in the work they do at their company.

In September 2019 I started working as a consultant at HandelsConsulting. I felt that I wanted more in-depth knowledge of the subjects I studied and that is why I was drawn HandelsConsulting. I have always had a large interest in business management and business development, therefore HandelsConsulting was the perfect job for me to work with such topics.

During my first semester at HandelsConsulting I learnt a lot in both sales and project management. I was a project leader for two different and very interesting projects where I learnt managing my team, customer communication as well as analysing and writing reports. The role as a project leader is a great opportunity to really work closely with both customers and project-groups. You also get a wider perspective of how a project and companies work in practise which is a priceless experience not offered at other companies so early in my career.

In January 2020 I stepped into my role as business area manager for our business area Public Sector. The role as a business manager is both challenging and developing. I get to work closely with the board of directors and that way get a greater perspective of HandelsConsulting. In my role as a business area manager I also manage the consultants, go on interesting meetings with customers in the public sector and write business proposals. The role as a business area manager has presented me with great opportunities in developing my skills in sales and management.

To round of my perspective of HandelsConsulting I would like to add a little about the ambience and organisational culture. At HandelsConsulting we are one big team that work together to take the company to new levels. All the consultants together with the management team all take on roles and responsibilities ensuring not only that our work towards our customer are of high quality but also that the culture at the company is truly supportive, welcoming and motivates growth.

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