My name is Ines Friberg and I am studying The Social Science Environmental Program at the School of Business, Economics and Law in Gothenburg with focus on Sustainable Business. I decided to study sustainable business due to my wish to recieve a holistic and global view of how different aspects interact and affect each other.

During my spare time, I enjoy everything from dinners by the ocean to hiking in the woods. I try to spend as much time as possible outdoors! I also try to travel as much as possible to get a taste of other cultures and perspectives, as well as getting a taste of new food and nature.



I decided to apply to HandelsConsulting in the fall of 2019. I was new to the university and I wanted to do a little bit more and try something new. The week after my interview, I found myself as a new employee of HandelsConsulting. Before I started working at HandelsConsulting I had a rather limited experience of the business world. I studied economics in high school but except for that I was short of experience within the subject. However, my mentor sorted it out. But it was not just my mentor who helped me, everyone in the office was always happy to provide help as well. The atmosphere was and still is always on top. My coworkers are studying various programs at the university, so especially as a new student, I get to know new people almost every day by having lunch, coffee breaks and of course working together. When working at HandelsConsulting you get to meet new inspiring, fun and talented people. HandelsConsulting is a place where you can be yourself and have fun while at work.

I work mainly as a consultant for the smaller companies at HandelsConsulting, but I have been in projects with big companies as well. During my time here I have had opportunities to work as a team member in a project, but also as a project leader myself. To be a part of a project from beginning to end where we get to presenta at the customers office gives me the satisfaction of a comprehensive view of the projects and the business world. When a project is officially done, we get together to review the project, get feedback and learn what we could do differently and bring that knowledge with us to our next projects. Every project is different, the structures, difficulties, progress, industries and so on, which have given me experience not availbale anywhere else during this time in my career nor education.

Being a part of HandelsConsulting has given me opportunities to evolve, take responsibility for big projects, cooperate, take part in workshops, socializing, write agreements, setting up meetings and get to know people in all kinds of industries. I have improved my skills during my time here, which has given me so much, and I am looking forward to what has yet to come!

This is my experience at HandelsConsulting and therefore I would love to take the opportunity to recommend for every and each to apply for this fabulous opportunity!

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