Employee of the Month in April: Marielle Plaza

Marielle started working at HandelsConsulting i Januari 2020 and has since then proven her abilities both within sales and project management. Currently Marielle works as a Key Account Manager in charge of some of the relationships with our largest customers. She is also the project leader of a project within our service offering “Strategy and Organisation” that is supporting one of our customers with role descriptions and a personelle manual.

We asked Marielle how she felt about becoming employee of the month and what she has learnt working at HandelsConsulting so far. This is what she said:

Becoming Employee of the Month feels great. It is almost like when you have studied hard for an exam and when the results get back you passed. I always appreciate getting feedback on the effort I put into my work and of course it feels amazing when it is positive.

During my short time at HandelsConsulting I have learnt a lot. I have learnt everything from formulating a customer proposal to managing projects. Since I am the Key Account Manager for some of our most important customers, I have also come to fully understand the importance of building long term relationships. The role also has presented me with the opportunity to meet important people within our Key Account companies and come to fully understand how the organizations work. As a project leader I have gotten a sense of perspective since it offers a full picture of the projects purpose and the benefits it will bring to our customer. Being a project leader also teaches risk management to be prepared for the challenges that may occur.

Working at HandelsConsulting has allowed for me to develop my skills. I look forward to learning even more and grow both privately and professionally.



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