My name is Marielle Plaza and I am currently studying for my bachelor’s degree in business and economics at the University of Gothenburg School of Business, Economics and Law. My choice to study business and economics is founded in my interest in understanding the business world and how I can contribute. I am person that always push myself to perform at my best and create opportunities where I can evolve. To always grow I take on new challenges on a regular basis therefore I recently decided to take up golf. It might sound simple, but the time one needs to invest in acquiring the correct technique and poise can be discouraging and therefore the challenge is to balance a sense of calm whilst always pushing towards bettering myself.

After having studied my first semester of my bachelors it became very clear for me that I early on needed to start applying the knowledge I had gained to fully understand how the business world works. Having come to this conclusion I decided to apply to HandelsConsulting where I have now worked as a Key Account Manager since the beginning of 2020. As a Key Account Manager, I am responsible for the relationships between HandelsConsulting and some of our most important customers. Having taken on the role has taught me a great amount of things, but I think that what it has taught me the most is the ability to understand our customers challenges and also support them in finding a range of solutions. At HandelsConsulting I have also taken on the role as a project manager which has given me a sense of perspective in how different projects can be formed to not only help solve a challenge but also to be perfectly suited to our customers organization.

Looking at the tremendous amount I have learnt so far, I strongly recommend people who are ready to truly start applying the knowledge they’ve gained from their courses at the university to real life situations and challenges to start their careers at HandelsConsulting.


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