My name is Ida Augustsson and I have just finished the second year of my bachelor’s degree in business at the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg. I have always had an interest in people and the behavior of individuals and groups. Thus, my interest in the business world was founded when I realized that I can make an impact by understanding organizations in order to help them develop and improve their performance.

Since the education consists of mostly theoretical elements, I felt that it lacks a certain reality. Therefore, I decided to apply to HandelsConsulting. The opportunity to apply knowledge and skills learned in school in practice is unique and difficult to find in other workplaces. During my first semester at HandelsConsulting, I got the chance to work with several interesting projects. Taking on the role as a project manager in one of the projects got me excited to advance and take on the role as Quality Assurance Manager. In addition to being given the opportunity to be involved in the beginning when a project is being formed until it is completed and presented to the customer, it has also given me a broader perspective on how everything from small to large companies work together through both collaboration and competition in the corporate world. Not to forget all the driven and inspiring people you meet and get to know at HandelsConsulting.

Besides studying and working at HandelsConsulting, my latest favorite activity is spending my spare time on picnicking. Being a person who appreciates good food, hanging out with friends and spending time in nature by the ocean, picnic is the perfect activity for summer.

Lastly, I highly recommend everyone who wants to make the most out of their studies and wants to develop the knowledge and skills learned in school to apply to HandelsConsulting. And as the new Human Resources manager this fall, I am truly looking forward to seeing you become a part of our team at HandelsConsulting!



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