My name is Jessica Svedberg and I’ve just finished the first year of my master’s in Innovation and Industrial Management at the University of Gothenburg School of Business, Economics and Law. Now that I only have one year left in school before I graduate after studying for five years, I am starting to get excited! In January this year I felt eager to start applying the knowledge and skills I have gained during my time studying as well as to push myself towards new challenges and continue developing. Hence, I decided to apply to HandelsConsulting which turned out to be one of my best decisions!

During my time at HandelsConsulting, as a consultant in the public sector business area, I have learned more than at any other part time job I have had. I have been given the opportunity to take the role as a project manager for several interesting projects, to go on exciting meetings with clients and even going from a sales call to signing a project deals with clients. All this has given me a valuable experience. I have increased my understanding for diverse business challenges and how these can be managed, how to build trustworthy customer relationships and how to successfully go from start to finish with a project.

Besides studying and working at HandelsConsulting I like to stay active. I prefer to spend my days taking long walks and drinking coffee with my friends, and sometimes I pay a visit to my hometown Halmstad – the best summer town in Sweden if you ask me!

Now, it’s time for a well-deserved summer break but when I return to school in September, I will also have a new role at HandelsConsulting as a Quality Assurance Manager. I’m super excited! Working at HandelsConsulting gives you so many opportunities to grow and I strongly recommend people to come work with us. It’s the perfect workplace to gain new friendships and have fun, but at the same time you get to make use of what you’ve learned so far in school (be it a couple of months or several years).

Have a nice summer!







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