Consultant with focus on small companies: Ines Friberg

My name is Ines Friberg and I am studying The Social Science Environmental Program at the School of Business, Economics and Law in Gothenburg with focus on Sustainable Business. I decided to study sustainable business due to my wish to recieve a holistic and global view of how different aspects interact and affect each other.

During my spare time, I enjoy everything from dinners by the ocean to hiking in the woods. I try to spend as much time as possible outdoors! I also try to travel as much as possible to get a taste of other cultures and perspectives, as well as getting a taste of new food and nature.

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Business Area Manager of Public Sector: Josefine Dahlöf

My name is Josefine Dahlöf and I grew up in Kullavik a few kilometres south of Gothenburg. After high school I decided to take a year in London to not only perfect my English but also to take an opportunity to experience something new. I love to travel and my favourite time to travel is during the colder seasons of the year. Since I have skied for as long as I can remember it is an activity I love to involve in my vacations. On one hand it is a challenging sport in which I get to active myself, but on the other hand it is also so calming being on the slopes surrounded by natures white dust.

When I returned home to Sweden from my year in London, I began studying single subject courses for my bachelor’s degree in business and economics at the University of Gothenburg School of Business, Economics and Law. Choosing a bachelor’s in economics was a given for me. I have always had an interest in business as my parents are business owner and have always involved me in the work they do at their company. read more

Business Area Manager of Big Companies: Olivia Öjeskär

My name is Olivia Öjeskär and I am currently studying my fourth year at School of Business Economics and Law in Gothenburg, Sweden. After receiving my bachelor’s degree in economics with a major in logistics, I chose a master’s in management that heightened my interest towards the management consulting profession. I applied to HandelsConsulting in the autumn of 2019 and began my career there as a consultant before taking on the role as a Business Area Manager.

Before we dive into what I have learnt at HandelsConsulting I would like to introduce myself a little bit more. During my free time I spend as much time as possible at my summer place in Fjällbacka. It is there that I get to take long walks and really appreciate the beautiful scenery of Sweden’s west coast and spend time with family and friends. In Fjällbacka I also enjoy playing golf and really perfecting my skills. Due to COVID-19 and since HandelsConsulting is working fully remote I have been able to plan my time and play as much golf as possible.


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Employee of the Month in April: Marielle Plaza

Marielle started working at HandelsConsulting i Januari 2020 and has since then proven her abilities both within sales and project management. Currently Marielle works as a Key Account Manager in charge of some of the relationships with our largest customers. She is also the project leader of a project within our service offering “Strategy and Organisation” that is supporting one of our customers with role descriptions and a personelle manual.

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